Mera Patient: FAQ

Regarding App:-

?    What is Mera Patient app?

?    Is this a Pharmacy?

?    How does it work?

?    How to Book Medicine Order from Mera Patient app?

?    How to Book Lab Test Order from Mera Patient app?

?    Do I need a prescription with every order?

Government of India, (Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India, 1940 & Rules 1945), has mandated compulsory prescription for certain category of medicines.

Thus, to process your order for such medicines we will need a valid prescription.

?    What is a valid prescription?

A valid prescription has the following information:

1.    Name and address of the Doctor

2.    Doctor’s stamp or signature

3.    Patient name and age

4.    Date of visit or date of the prescription

5.    Name of medicine, dosage, strength and duration for which it is required

We verify the ordered medicines against the prescription that you have shared with the order. We check that these medicines are prescribed by a qualified doctor.

?    What are your hours of operation?

Our office address:

D-23-A, White House, Indra Puri Colony, Lal Kothi, Jaipur-302015, Rajasthan, India

Our telephone number: 8290011112
?    How do I know the medicines delivered are authentic?
?    I want to unsubscribe from promotional emails?
?    I wish to edit or delete my Mera Patient app profile?
?    I wish to explore partnerships & business development opportunities with Mera Patient?
?    How can I save more at Mera Patient app?
?    Do you accept any Insurance Plans?

No, we do not accept any insurance plans.

?    Is it safe to use my credit/debit card at Mera Patient App?
Yes. Mera Patient app uses third-party payment processing services to process all credit/debit card payment transactions.

Lucky Coins:-

?    What is Mera Patient Lucky Coin Program?

?    How much are Mera Patient Lucky Coin worth?

?    How To Earn Lucky Coins?

?    How to refer my friends at Mera Patient?

After you log in to your Mera Patient account, in the Earn coin, fill in the required details in the form provided, such as your friend’s name/E-mail ID. Then click on the ‘REFER NOW’ button so that an email invitation will be sent to your referred friend(s) on your behalf.

?    Is there any limit to earning Lucky coins?

?    How to check that what is my referral code.

You can check your referral code on your profile.
?    Can I refer anyone to Mera Patient?
Certainly, so long as the friends you recommend are not already one of our existing customers.
?    How will my referral discount be calculated?
?    How to redeem my Lucky Coins?

?    What is the minimum order value and what goods/services are eligible to redeem my Lucky Coins on Mera Patient ?
?    Who can I contact if I have more questions on your Refer & Earn program?
Contact us at 8290-01-1112 or mail us on care@merapatient.com, if you still have questions that are not listed here.
?    Do I have to enroll for Mera Patient Reward/Referral Points program?
?    Do I receive an email or SMS notification once I have earned enough points to redeem Mera Patient Lucky Coins Points?
?    Which Service qualify for Mera Patients Lucky Coins?
?    How can I earn Mera Patient Lucky Coins?
?    How can I redeem my Mera Patient Lucky Coins?
?    Is there a limit to how many Lucky Coins I can earn at Mera Patient?
Nope, there’s no limit to the number of reward/referral points that a Mera Patient customer can earn.
?    Do I have to use up all my earned Lucky Coins in a single transaction?
?    How long are the Mera Patient Lucky Coins valid for?
?    How do I track my Lucky Coins balance at Mera Patient app?
?    Can I pay for the complete order by redeeming Mera Patient  Lucky Coins ?
?    What are the benefits of Mera Patient Lucky Coins?
?    Can I transfer my Mera Patient Lucky Coins?
?    Can I lose my earned Mera Patient Reward/Referral Points ?
?    What happens to my Mera Patient Lucky Coins when my order gets cancelled?
?    What happens when you cancel the order placed?
?    HOW TO USE Mera Patient Lucky Coins?

Regarding Lab:-
?    Why do we need health checkup?
Life in a fast lane has led many to ignore their health. Until it’s too late then we realize Health is our True Wealth. With growing stress levels at work, competition, frequently eating out, fast food syndrome there is also a steady growth of lifestyle related diseases like heart problems, diabetes and cancers all of which if not checked in time would lead to delirious consequences. In times of very expensive hospital care and treatment in general, it is wiser to focus on prevention of any disease at all or at least intervention at the early stages of the disease.

?    Why testing from us?
Mera Patient is a renowned name in Wellness industry. Its NABL as well as CAP certified which gives assurity of 100% accurate reports.

Regarding Medicine:-
?    May I change the medicine?

Regarding Order:-
?    What information do you need from me to process my order as fast as possible?
In order to process your order quickly, we need the following details from you:
•    Your billing/shipping information
•    Your prescription (required for the order of Prescription).
•    Your payment details.

?    Is there any limit on the number of prescriptions that I can upload?
Yes. Only 1 prescriptions can only be uploaded in an order. However, you can upload the remaining prescription(s) in a new order.

?    What forms of payment does Mera Patient accept for online orders?
Mera Patient accepts the following forms of payment:
•    - Credit/debit card
•    - Net banking

Note: Credit/debit card and net banking payments are processed via our online payment service partners.
?    Is it possible to buy more than one medication in a single order at Mera Patient?
You can upload only 1 prescription and place them as a single order at our App.

?    Are all your prices quoted in Indian Rupees?
Yes, all prices quoted in our App are in Indian Rupees.
?    How is my order packaged?
?    Are there any other hidden charges?
No. There are no hidden charges.
?    Does Mera Patient charge any professional fees on prescription drug orders?
No. Mera Patient does not charge any additional professional fees on your prescription drug orders.

?    What if I am charged more than the actual price of my prescription drugs?
Prices may fluctuate and in the event that the price of the drug you have purchased is less than the purchase price paid, the difference will be placed in your Account, a store-credit account that you can use against future purchases.

Regarding Delivery:-
?    Does Mera Patient App deliver goods to any location in India?
No, we do not deliver our goods to any address in India.

?    How long will it take to deliver my order?
Delivery times may vary depending on the delivery location as well as the type of goods/services you order.

?    What are your delivery charges?
Delivery charges depend on vendors.

?    Is there Cash on Delivery (COD) Option?

?    How do I know if my order has been shipped?
?    How will I know the status of my order?
?    How do I cancel my order?
?    Is it possible to cancel my order after it has been charged?
?    Can I change my delivery address after I have placed my order?
If your order has not been shipped yet, then we can deliver to a different address as per your request.
?    How will my order be delivered?
?    Didn’t get answers to all your questions?
We're happy to help you with any questions you may have. Please call Mera Patient customer service at 829-001-1112 or email care@merapatient.com