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Why Mera Patient:-

Mera Patient is the only aggregator application which connects you to your selected medical store & also facilitate with discount. For the genuine of medicine it is always recommended to buy medicine only from a drug store. As per the prevailing laws or drug store are regularly inspected, they keep medicines according to the conditioned prescribed (temperature control through Freeze etc.) Specification is conveyed through qualified person like D.Pharma, B.Pharma. For the sake of discount & convenience some online portals are gaining presence by compromising aforesaid announce which is dangerous.

By ordering through Mera Patient App you protect the business & employment with in the country so in a way you are serving our country.



Direct Benefits:-

1. Through discount you will be monitoring benefited.

2. Through cooperating analysis you gain even more.

Indirect Benefit:-

1. Availability order.

2. You save Indian market & employment of fellow country.

3. Your medical records are saved without consuming space of the devices.

Additional Benefit: -

You can claim additional benefit by use of referral points in your order. These referral points can be earn by successfully conversion of your referral contacts.

Refund or Cancellation:- For All Claim for any reason should be made before 24 hours of the original order & subject to the vendor’s policies. Claim made after 24 hours will not be entertain. Mera Patient fulfills both parameters. It does not sell any medicine rather it connects you with a genuine drug store to protect precious life.

Diagnostic Lab:-

It is consider to the most expensive part and at the present time diagnosis is almost impossible without testing. Testing is very expensive part of the treatment cost. Visiting to a laboratory gives us feel about the genuine of test and performing doctors, technicians etc. there are reports that some time when certain test ordered online with a attraction of no of tests in lesser amount or to avail heavy discount the samples were collected by some assistant from home and reports were received without even knowing the actual performance of the test, availability of centers and equipments etc.

“Sources Episode Satyamev Jayte Besin Test”

So to consider the importance the test in diagnosis of diseases to respect life it is always advisable to take own precaution. Hence we are providing a selection range of diagnostic lab with their offering so that genuine test at a cheaper price can be ensured.

How it Works

Mera Patient: How It Work

Play Store/App Store:- First of all, Open Play Store/App Store on your Android/I-Phone Phone. Type “Mera Patient” on Search box at Play Store/App Store. Click On “Mera Patient” App and Install it.

Login:- If you are User/Chemist Shop/Diagnostics Lab and already registered on Mera Patient app then you can login enter by Email ID/ Mobile No and your Password.

Registration of User:- If you don’t have an account and you are Normal User then please click on REGISTER Link, a registration form will be open, fill all details (First Name, Last Name, Address(Automatically fetch), Email ID, Password, Mobile No, Referral Code, Group Name) with verification of your mobile no.  After successfully registration you can login by Email ID/Mobile No and your password.

Registration of Chemist Shops/Diagnostics Lab:- If you are Chemist shops/Diagnostics lab and you are not registered on Mera Patient app then please click on “Chemist Shops/Diagnostic Labs” Link, a registration form will be open, fill all details (Company Logo, Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Email Id, Password, Mobile No, ) with verification of mobile no. After Successfully registration you can login by Email ID/Mobile No and your password.

Registration by Facebook/Twitter:- There is one more facility, if you want to register on Mera patient app by your facebook or twitter account then click on Facebook/Twitter button.

Forget Password:- If you already registered on Mera Patient app and forget your password then click on “Forget Password” link, Enter your Email ID/Mobile No and click submit After then a link will be send on your Email ID/Mobile No. Please click on that link for reset your password.
After successful login, you will on Home page of app.

Menu:- Top left corner of home page, there are 3 lines. When you click on them all menu will be show.

Notification:- Top right corner of home page, there are a well. When you click on that then all notification will be show and if any new notification shoot by admin then total no of notifications will be show on the well. If you want to read any notification then click on this button.
Current Location:- On home page of app, there is a blue point in b/w of the map. That’s your current location.

Panic button:- On the bottom of the app, there are a slider that is panic button. When you feel any critical situation then you can use this facility. In this facility, first you can add any five contact numbers. When you slide this panic button then notification with ring and a call will go also on all of them contact numbers so this facility of the app is very important to every one.

There are 2 round block on the home page of app.

First one is Diagnostic Labs.
Second one is Chemists Shops.

Diagnostic Labs:- When you click on First Diagnostics Lab there are following options.

  • Upload Prescription
  • Enter Test Manually
  • Select Packages
  • Select Test From List
  • Upload Prescription:- You Can upload

Chemist Shops:- When you click on Chemist Shops then new window is open and there is an icon of Camera. When you tap of them then there are two options. First one is Gallery and second one is Camera. You can upload your prescription from Gallery which is first option otherwise you can choose second option that is Camera. You can upload your prescription by Camera. This prescription will be send to all Chemist Shop nearest by you. All Chemist Shops got this prescription and they will response to you with or without discount.


App Features

Panic button will help you to rescue you and yours in critical/acute crisis.

800+ medical experts

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Save your medical records for lifetime.

Single aggregator app where you can connect with Hospitals, doctors, chemist and diagnostic laboratories.

Aggregator app leads to quick and direct financial transactions between you and chemist/diagnostic labs

You can upload the medical prescription on it and will immediately get quotes/prices from chemist stores in your 5 kms radius.

You can upload your medical test prescription on it and will get quotes from diagnostic labs in your 5 kms radius.

You will get “REAL DISCOUNTS “on your purchases of medicines and diagnostic tests.

You can select the chemist shop/diagnostic lab according to your convenience.

You can search medical/chemist shops or diagnostic laboratories in your areas for quick services

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